ADLAM Multi-Use Prolapse Lambing Harness
ADLAM Multi-Use Prolapse Lambing Harness

ADLAM Multi-Use Prolapse Lambing Harness

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Adlam Multi-Use Prolapse Lambing Harness

Now one harness combines the best of the BEARIN Prolapse and ADOPTA Restraint Harnesses, adding greater versatility, in a multipurpose aide that can be used year after year.

The new ADLAM Harness is based on the very successful BEARIN Prolapse Harness with a detachable fence strap and tubing ring added. The ADLAM Harness features greater comfort and effectiveness from cross-over tubing, now with a support ring, designed for prolapse retention. For prolapsing animals, the ADLAM Harness is used to retain the vagina/uterus either by fitting ahead of a prolapse or following aseptic reinsertion to hold it in place. Correctly fitted, the harness will not hinder bowel movement or lambing. Rather than just holding a prolapse in place as many other methods do, the ADLAM Harness will work to reduce straining and pain by exerting pressure on key points.

It is a multifunctional aide that enables:

- Effective retention of prolapses with no need to remove before successful lambing.
- Immobilisation to further help in preventing repeat prolapse.
- Easy observation and follow up of animals that have prolapsed.
- Mothering on of lambs, and prevention of smothering.
- Cast ewes to be supported in an upright position.
- Standing support for ewes that are unwell.