Orphan Lamb Feeder

Orphan Lamb Feeder

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Conceived as a simple yet effective means of delivering fresh, warm milk to young or newborn lambs without the need to bottle feed, the Shepherdess Orphan Lamb Feeder by Provimi has multiple soft, white teats and has proved itself to be effective at feeding lambs who have lost their mothers.

Designed to provide uninterrupted access to milk throughout the day and night, Provimi SCA Shepherdess Orphan Lamb Feeder allows lambs to feed in a natural way whenever they require it. Moreover, to ensure that lambs get the very best nutrition possible at this crucial point in their life.


  • Perfect for orphan and weak lambs
  • Innovative hygienic design
  • Two integrated teats
  • Milk is kept at an even temperature
  • Delivers warm, fresh milk
  • Unique lamb-feeding machine 
  • Lambs can access milk 24 hours a day
  • Mains powered via standard 3 pin 240v UK plug
  • Suitable for up to 20 lambs per bucket
  • Remove costly manual feeding of lambs