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Manufactured in heavy duty polyethylene, it was designed with durability and strength in mind. It offers a practical solution to the introduction of biosecurity in industries such as poultry, swine, cattle and fish farming.

Boot disinfectant baths are ideally used at the entrance of Poultry units, Piggeries, Dairies and Fish farms to disinfect and decontaminate boots before entering the site. They prevent the spread of diseases such as TB, Avian Flu and Foot And Mouth disease. Footwear disinfection is becoming increasingly vital to preventing infection and cross infection in animal houses and between farms.

Disinfectant boot baths are finding their way into many types of industries from farming and food service industries to healthcare – anywhere where infection control is a very high priority.

A boot bath allows workers to step into an enclosed container that helps clean and disinfect shoes and shoe bottoms. Doing so reduces the potential of pathogens and contaminants travelling from one area of a facility to another.

The cost to Farmers in the event of an outbreak can be huge and many are taking preventative action and introducing or stepping up biosecurity to ensure it doesn’t happen to them. Other areas where biosecurity is a major concern are food production factories and also Forestry operations and conservation areas where plants and trees could be at risk of disease carried from other areas.


Our Boot Bath comes in a bright yellow colour which helps it to stand out, ensuring that its purpose is easily identified by visitors to the site.

It also has a lid that is flipped open with your foot. The lid is designed to keep rainwater out, which avoids the solution becoming diluted (less effective) and also reduces loss of liquid through evaporation.