Clikzin Pour on Sheep

Clikzin Pour on Sheep

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CLiKZiN® Pour On (containing dicyclanil) offers 8 weeks blowfly (Lucillia sericata) strike protection after dosing AND a short 7 day meat withhold!! This gives farmers the freedom to market stock as and when they’re ready.

- 8 weeks protection against blowfly strike
- 7 days meat withhold
- Flexible, reliable protection
- Added flexibility for production schedules

When to use and why?
7 day meat withhold

- Ideal for all stock including lambs for slaughter and pre-shearing ewes
- More flexibility for production schedules

8 weeks protection against blowfly strike
- Contains dicyclanil - at least 30 times1 more potent than Vetrazin ®
- For ewes and lambs of all breeds and wool types

Quick and convenient
- Single-handed, ready-to-use application
- Use wherever sheep are, no need for fixed equipment
- Minimum on-farm disruption

Application: general farmer recommendations
- Not designed to cure existing strike but as a prevention so to treat animals before an anticipated fly challenge.
(If maggots are present, treat with Crovect then afterwards protect with CLiKZiN).