Calf Dehorning paste

Calf Dehorning paste

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The Calf Dehorning Paste is an simple way to prevent horns from growing on calves before they develop. Using the Calf Dehorning Paste is less invasive than other methods and is less stressful for the animal being treated. Each 45g container is enough to treat 30 calves.

How to use the Calf Dehorning Paste

Calves should be treated between 8 and 15 days old. The hairs should be parted and a single drop should be placed on each horn bud. Once a calf has been treated it must be kept away from from other animals and is not allowed to get wet for 6 hours.

Features of the Calf Dehorning Paste

  • Simple way to prevent horns from growing
  • Less invasive than other methods of dehorning
  • Less stressful for the animal
  • Animals can be treated from 8 days old
  • A single drop on each bud is enough
  • A single container treats 30 calves