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Recommended for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike, ticks, keds, lice and scab infestations on sheep. An emulsifiable concentrate for dip solution with a brown colour and a distinct odour, containing diazinon 60% w/w. A pair of gloves, laminated dispensing kit instruction card and a laminated sheep dipping safety card are supplied with each container. This product must only be dispensed using a reusable dispensing kit. The withdrawal period is 49 days. Legal Category: POM-VPS.



To prepare the bath:

Measure the required volume of cold soft water into the bath. Fit the Dispensing kit (available from your Gold Fleece supplier) to the dual valved lid of the container as described in section 4.5 above. Dispense the required amount of product into the dip tank via the dispensing kit in the proportion of 600ml Gold Fleece to 900 litres (200 gallons) of water. (i.e dispense 10 x 60ml amounts of dip concentrate into the dip tank – see section above). Stir the bath thoroughly from end to end before commencing dipping and dip on the day the dip is prepared.

To replenish the bath:

Baths of less than 2250 litres (500 gallons) : Add 180 ml of dip after every 36 sheep dipped and restore the bath with water to its original Volume (i.e dispense 3 x 60ml amounts of dip concentrate into the dip tank – see section above).

Baths of 2250 litres (500 gallons) or more: Add 480 ml of dip after every 96 sheep dipped and sufficient water to restore the bath to its original volume (i.e dispense 8 x 60ml amounts of dip concentrate into the dip tank see section above). When a bath becomes foul, however, always empty it and refill with fresh dip. Dispose of all wash remaining at the end of a day’s dipping. Fouling of the dip wash reduces dip effectiveness. Therefore, do not dip more than 1 sheep per 2 litres of dip wash that was in the bath at the start of dipping. For example, if the total volume of wash in your dip bath was 1000 litres (220 gallons) you should not dip more than 500 sheep no matter how many times you have replenished and topped-up the bath. You should then empty, clean and recharge the bath with fresh dip wash.

Dipping: Sheep must be totally immersed in a sheep bath and all parts of the sheep except the head and ears, must remain immersed for not less than one minute. Keep the sheep moving in the bath and plunge the head under at least once. Never hold the head down or the sheep will be liable to swallow or inhale some of the wash.

Ticks: Ewes: Dip ewes in Spring before lambing. If the infestation is severe dip again 6 weeks later (excluding young lambs). Hogs and other sheep should be dipped as soon as possible after ticks appear. 608 mg/ml Concentrate for Dip Emulsion Dimpylate (Diazinon) Global Not to be mixed with any other dip.