Henke 23ml Drencher
Henke 23ml Drencher

Henke 23ml Drencher

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The Henke Drench-Matic  drencher has been designed for the oral application of sheep and cattle or for multiple dosing. The ergonomic, user-friendly design and strong materials which are used in manufacturing guarantee a tireless operation and high lifetime of the Drench-Matic.

- Automatic self-filling syringe. Can be used, for example, for oral application of sheep and cattle.

- Innovative and ergonomic design.

- Simple handling and easy cleaning.

- Plastic barrel that is highly resistant and has an adjustable dosage.

- Design for use as a drencher.

Henke have long been a popular choice for applicators and drenchers amongst farmers and other veterinary professionals across Ireland and the UK.