Lammac Compostable Life Jackets for Lambs - Large size (pack of 100)
Lammac Compostable Life Jackets for Lambs - Large size (pack of 100)

Lammac Compostable Life Jackets for Lambs - Large size (pack of 100)

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LAMMAC® are transparent jackets which provide protection against the elements for a newly born lamb and help prevent hypothermia which is the major cause of lamb mortality in temperate regions such as the UK.

Hypothermia suppresses the suckling instinct of the lamb and any protection against this can help reduce lamb losses. Extreme winter temperatures together with wind and rain can spell disaster for the sheep farmer. Lamb losses due to these cold, wet conditions pose a threat to sheep farmers.

LAMMAC® lifejackets are now made from a fully compostable material known as Polycomp™.

Polycomp™ material uses biopolymers, consisting of mainly corn starch, both of which are fully compostable materials.  Polycomp™ has been certified as being fully biodegradable in soil, and meets TUV's OK biodegradable SOIL specification.

Lambs usually shed their LAMMAC® after about three days.  The material of the jackets is designed to then break down naturally in soil, leaving no residue, micro-plastics or contamination.  This differs from our previous polythene jackets which breakdown under natural light into smaller ‘micro-plastics', rather than biodegrading.  More than ever now, this is an important environmental consideration as most hill lambing flocks are situated in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

LAMMAC® are designed to ensure the ewe can smell and identify her own lamb. Mis-mothering is not a problem.

Reduced risk of hypothermia
Provide protection during un-forecast adverse weather
No interference with mothering
Protection provided for a few pence per head
Reportedly less fox predation in lambs wearing jackets
Fully compostable and biodegradable according to the European norm EN13432

LAMMAC® were developed in New Zealand where trial results demonstrated their efficacy under challenging climatic conditions.

Lambs should be covered as young as possible, preferably in the first 12 hours to minimise rejection by ewes with older lambs

LAMMAC® are designed to stay on the lamb for up to 72 hours.

LAMMAC® are packed in units of 100.