Cobalt B12

Cobalt B12

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Cobalt B12 with Selenium is a highly concentrated liquid supplement suitable for sheep and cattle.

Promotes Healthy Digestion: Ruminant animals,  such as sheep and cattle, depend on micro organisms to break down and digest their food. These micro organisms require a supply of selenium and vitamin B12 to thrive within the animal.

Prevent Cobalt and Selenium Deficiencies: Cobalt and selenium deficiencies can have a major impact on an animal and can lead to pining, loss of appetite, weight loss, muscular wasting, nutritional anaemia, mastitis and impaired overall metabolism.

Growth and Vitality:Calves thrive and will maximise growth rates following cobalt B12.

General Health: Helps to promote a healthy immune system and aids in the general good health of sheep and cattle, maintains muscle tone and encourages the production of red blood cells.

Contents Per Litre
Glucose Syrup 250 mg
Cobalt 10mg
Phosphoric Acid 3 mg
Flavour 2 mg
Selenium 0.25 mg
Vitamin B12 200 mcg
Oil  < 1%
Crude Protein < 1%
Fibre < 1%
Ash < 0.8%

​Dosage Rates

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack:
1 Litre 2.5 Litre 5 Litre
Lambs 2.5 ml 400 1000 2000
Sheep 5 ml 200 500 1000
Calves 5 ml 200 500 1000
Adult Cattle 20 ml 50 125 250