Lamb Thrive - 1L

Lamb Thrive - 1L

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A Uniquely Formulated Complementary Feed of Chelated Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids.


Greater daily live weight gain and improved killing out percentage.

Improves feed conversion efficiency and better bloom in fleeces for showing stock Inclusion of prebiotics to enhance the immune system to protect against bacterial and infectious mirco organisms.

Improves overall flock health status with a reduced number of digestive infections

Ideal for growing, store and finishing lambs in both pedigree and commercial flocks. Also suitable for breeding rams and showing animals.


Specification per litre

Vitamin A 1,000,000IU

Vitamin B6 1,250mg

Iodine 1,000mg

Vitamin D3 150,000IU

Vitamin B9 1,200mg

Manganese* 2,000mg

Vitamin E 14,500mg

Vitamin B12 11,000μg

Zinc* 6,000mg

Vitamin B1 2,700mg

Vitamin C 1,000mg

Selenium 300mg

Vitamin B2 1,000mg

Vitamin H 3,500μg

Cobalt 1,000mg

Vitamin B3 3,000mg

Vitamin K 400mg

Methionine 3,500mg

Vitamin B5 1,250mg

Lysine 2,500mg


Suitable for sheep welfare scheme