Owatrol TRANSYL Lubricating and Penetrating Oil... The Most Powerful Available

Owatrol TRANSYL Lubricating and Penetrating Oil... The Most Powerful Available

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Heaviest Duty Releasing and Penetrating Oil For The Most Challenging Applications.

No it is not as well known as some big brand names, all the more reason why, as the underdog, TRANSYL has to perform much better to gain market share which is being achieved every day.

Manufactured to the highest standards by the makers of the world renouned OWATROL OIL, TRANSYL once used, will become your favourite penetrating / lubricating oil.

For more information on the many applications for TRANSYL, hold your mouse over the photos and additional image explanation will appear. 

  • Penetrates – has unparalleled ‘wetting’ abilities and spreads into all hidden areas quickly 
  • Releases – unlocks tight or stuck mechanisms seized by rust and oxidation.
  • Lubricates – outstanding fluidity and lubricating ingredients 
  • Cleans – excellent cleaning agent – removes dirt, grime and grease 
  • Protects – leaves a thin protective film on surfaces, shields against moisture and oxidation 
  • Multi-purpose Lubricating & Penetrating Oil 


  • Exceptional wetting and self-spreading power, superb for vintage and classic restoration 
  • Penetrates into the most difficult places to allow access 
  • Unlocks rusted, stuck or tight mechanisms 
  • Lubricates valves, screws, locks
  • How to remove rusted bolts
  • How to remove rusted screws
  • How to remove a rusted screw
  • How to remove a rusted bolt


  • Acts by infiltration, even when cold – will not damage the surface and cannot freeze 
  • Extremely low viscosity, avoids fouling. 
  • Does not pick up dust or fluff (ideal for looms, sewing and knitting machines etc) 
  • Eases machining (drilling, cutting, threading), reduces drill bit and cutting tool wear 
  • Acts as a releasing agent for moulds


  • Disolves rust and deposits a lubricating film on the steel. 
  • Removes grease and dust 
  • Dissolves dirty oil, tar, glue 
  • Will not affect or damage metal or painted surfaces, great for cleaning guns etc 
  • Does not contain caustic or acid substances, does NOT harm seals or packings. 


  • Displaces moisture and deposits a protective lubricating film 
  • Does NOT contain silicone [Safe in Auto Body Shop or Paint Shop environments] 
  • Creates a barrier against oxidation 
  • Operates between -30°C to + 50°C 
  • Avoids short-circuits due to humidity 
  • Eases the maintenance of tools and machine tools 

If TRANSYL Does Not Open It - Nothing Will (apart from an angle grinder)