Ride on Digger
Ride on Digger

Ride on Digger

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Great vehicle for both boys and girls. The black and yellow vehicle  looks realistic  like a real construction car. It has  a movable bucket  at the front, which is controlled by a small constructor with the control levers. The set  includes 6 cubes that can be hidden under the folding seat, where there is a practical storage compartment. The seat is  slightly raised at the rear  and  is ergonomically shaped  for maximum comfort for young drivers. Fun guaranteed!


  • - The ride-on car has a  movable spoon . 
  • - Set of  6 cubes . 
  • - The seat is raised at the rear and has an ergonomic shape. 
  • - The product is  safe  for the child.
  • - Bulldozer made of  high quality materials . 
  • - The toy strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet, develops fine and coarse motor skills and learns new colors and shapes.