SIP STAR 650|20
SIP STAR 650|20
SIP STAR 650|20

SIP STAR 650|20

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The trailed central delivery two-rotor rakes STAR 650I20 T offer perfect stability and an exceptional increase in productivity.

The 3D pivoting rotor mounting, in combination with the hydro-pneumatic suspension and walking tandem, ensures excellent adaptation to terrain and an even, airy and clean swath. Easy operation is provided by the electro-hydraulic steering system.

PIVOTING LINKAGE Pivoting linkage connected with the robust steering mechanism offers a 55° turning angle.

Y- DRIVE The Y-drive reduces the loads on the PTO shaft and ensures a longer service life.

3D ROTOR MOVEMENT Both rotors move independently of the chassis, allowing 3D tracking on uneven surfaces. The spring tines remain parallel to the ground at all times, ensuring clean swaths at all working speeds.

DOUBLE CENTRAL SWATH Adjustable double central swath.

HYDRAULIC ADJUSTABLE SWATH WIDTH Hydraulic continuously adjustable swath width (optional).

SWATH CURTAIN The combination of the optimally adjusted rotor curve and the swath curtain results in evenly shaped trapezoidal swaths. The rake curtain additionally prevents forage from intertwining between the rotors.

ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SEPARATE ROTOR LIFT Electro-hydraulic separate rotor lift (optional) for easy operation when driving over the swaths or turning at the headlands.

SIP WALKING TANDEM Walking tandem axle (rear – option) for excellent ground tracking and higher working speeds. The wide chassis with 4 or 6 wheels placed close to the spring tines allows for even and clean raking.

EASY TRANSPORT The transport height of all models is below 4 m. With folded protections and spring tine holders, it is between 3.2 and 3.5 m.